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Inviting is a critical skill in the network marketing, MLM industry. You must master how to invite a prospect to take a look at your business or product without him or her feeling pressured. Whether you are inviting a prospect to go to your website, listen to an audio, or even come to a live presentation, you will need to invite him or her to do so. I will center my discussion here to the telephone because it does differ slightly when you are in person. Here are some tips for you to have your contacts eager to act on your invitation.
1.       Do not sell!  You are inviting.
2.       Do not convince.
3.       Avoid the temptation to stay on the phone to chit chat.
4.       Don’t allow them to control the conversation.
5.       Don’t be pushy.
6.       Don’t beg.
7.       Don’t call too early in the morning nor too late in the evening.
1.       Be positive!  Shake negativity away. Know that you will reach prospects and your invitation will be accepted.
2.       Be excited and upbeat!
3.       Do a “power move” before making the call.  A quick lunge or two. A jumping jack or some type of whole body movement to get your blood flowing. Do it in between each call to keep you fresh!
4.       Stand up when making calls.
5.       Smile. People can hear your smile through your voice. Greet and establish brief rapport with prospect.
6.       Have a plan of action in mind BEFORE you call. What is the goal of your call? What is the ONE action you want your prospect to take?
7.       Use a script!  Yes!  If your company or upline doesn’t have some suggested ones. Make your own. You need to stay on point when calling. A script helps you stay where you need to be in conversation. Note:  Use a script but don’t sound “scripted” or read from it. Use it as a guide only especially if you find that you get off track.
8.       Use the prospect’s first name only. Don’t be too formal.
9.       Clear the time.  “ Do you have a second?”   “Great!”
Do not say a minute because that means you want to conversate. A second means brief! Get in and get out. Obviously, if you have caught the prospect in a tough moment, you definitely want to know. Simply call back.
10.   Get to your point quickly. Be direct. Tell them why you are calling.
11.   Keep your call brief. Figure no more than 3-5 minutes. Time yourself. Initial calls-the invite should be short. Follow-ups are longer but keep a timeframe in mind. You want to avoid lingering and allowing the prospect room to control the conversation.
12.   Give direct, specific directions to your prospect. Tell them nicely what you’d like them to do. If you want him/her to look at an online presentation, give them the web address and ask them if they can view it “NOW”.  If they can’t do it right away, find out when he/she can. This will allow you to follow up properly. If you will be physically meeting with him/her, give them the address. I think you see where I’m going with this.
13.   Give an alternate of choice if necessary. If you are inviting to an appointment, you set the day and time by giving two choices. Ex. “Is Saturday or Sunday better for you?” and then “Is one or two o’clock better for you?” Use the words “better for you?” It gives the prospect a sense of control though not giving control.
14.   At the end of the call, repeat their first name and your appointment time by saying               “____ (first name), I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 1:00.”
15.   Practice makes perfect!  The more you invite, the better you will get at it!
These network marketing tips are “old school” techniques that can be adapted to how we chat through our social media and text messages. If you want to become a “phone master” or get more skilled in talking with people, take a look at my resources page and check out a free download of masterful phone scripts.

Network Marketing Tips: Phone Invitation Do’s and Don’ts

Network Marketing Tips: Phone Invitation Do’s and Don’ts Network Marketing Tips: Phone Invitation Do’s and Don’ts Network Marketing Tips: Phone Invitation Do’s and Don’ts Network Marketing Tips: Phone Invitation Do’s and Don’ts

you are reading : Network Marketing Tips: Phone Invitation Do’s and Don’ts

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