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It’s imperative that you keep up your site’s reputation. So, it is not enough to have quality posts, but in parallel, you also do need to have quality backlinks. But, while you try to build your backlinks, you need to be extra careful. With Google’s new algorithm, many websites got penalized, because of backlinks originating from junk sites, porn sites. Thus, it is no more a good idea to pay some cheap service provider to get thousands of backlinks origination from some worthless sites. As you understand, building backlink has become tougher than ever. We will see here, how we can make use of some of the backlinks checker tools.
To build backlink, one of the simple and easiest ways is to follow some good website in your niche. The high rank quality websites have good number of backlinks. You can figure out from where these websites are getting its backlinks through some backlinks checker tools. Once, you get the list of backlink originating site, you can start building backlinks for your website as well.
Now, let us see how we can check backlink for your competitor website. There are number of backlinks checker facility available in the web.
Open Site Explorer – Open site explorer is the most popular backlink checking tool. You can use it without registering in the site; however there are some usage restrictions, in case you are not registered. You just need to enter the domain name and it will show you the details.
Backlinks Checker 1
Backlink Watch – Another good service to check backlinks. I often use their service to track newly added backlinks and deleted backlinks.
Ahrefs: Believe that this is the same as the Backlink Watch.
Alexa: Alexa has recently started providing only five backlinks to any website. In case, you want to know the entire list, you have to subscribe Alexa Pro.
Link Diagnosis: To see the full list of backlinks, you have to use Mozilla and install an extension provided by them.
Backlinks Checker 2
SEO Spy glass: They have a free desktop version. If you use their desktop version, you will be able to see, how your competitors are really faring for a particular keyword. You can also enter a keyword for your website and check what is the average rank of your site pertaining to the key word in different search engines.
backlinks checker 3
iWebtool : This is another website, which provides online backlink checking facility. However, their database isn’t very exhaustive.
Build reciprocal link: Another back link checker tool, which is bit outdated. This is basically keyword density and prominence analyzer. You need to sign up in this site to check the complete list of incoming links.
SEO Attack: I like this site as it provides the incoming and outgoing link information for each post\article. Apart from the backlink information, you get little other information like number of tweets, facebook share etc. post-wise.  I found this service very helpful. Here also, you need to register to get the full details.
Rank Signals: The information is very concise. It provides the backlink information with “nofollow” information and anchor test.
backlinks checker 4
Dig Backlink: Another website, which provides backlink information. However, in few scenarios, I found that the backlink information is not complete.
Majestic SEO: Majestic SEO is a popular name in the world of SEO. They have backlink checker tool. However, if you want to get the details of backlinks other than your website, you have to subscribe one of their plans.

The most useful backlinks checker tools

The most useful backlinks checker tools The most useful backlinks checker tools The most useful backlinks checker tools The most useful backlinks checker tools

you are reading : The most useful backlinks checker tools

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