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With the passage of time, Google has made it quite tough for the blogs to get ranked better. So many rules and strategies have to keep in mind including proper use of keywords, well-engaged content, domain name, marketing, promotion as well as appropriate SEO. Without all these things, we can not even imagine of getting our blogs and websites ranked higher in the search engines.
To make the keyword research easier for the SEOs, plenty of tools are available. What you have to do is to insert your desired keyword idea to get relevant suggestions with an automatic keyword research system. If you are a little confused of which SEO keyword research tools would be best and most appropriate, then here are some useful suggestions to consider while searching both short tail and long tail keywords.


#1. Wordtracker:

Wordtracker is one of the most favorite keyword research tools of SEOs and marketers. This tool kit provides you plenty of features and options to get facilitated with while searching your list of keywords. But it is not free of cost, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to make use of it.

#2. Keyword Discovery:

Keyword Discovery is yet another wonderful keyword research tool which lets you get desired keywords by using it pulling from top to end option. With Keyword Discovery, you can also enjoy bidding values on PPC campaigns which get translated into informative data. Its premium version is available by paying a few hundred dollars annually.

#3. Google Adword Tool:

I must say Google Adword is the most appropriate and extensively used keyword research tool all over the world. If I am not wrong then almost 70 to 80 percent website and blog owners make use of Google Adword to find their desired list of keywords. Another plus point of Google Adword is that it is free of cost. Along with the words and phrases, it also provides you the suggested list of short tail and long tail keywords on a global search basis.
Note: For researching keywords, you can use “Keyword Planner” available in Google Adword.

4. Ubersuggest:

Ubersuggest is also a very handy and easy to use keyword research tool. Unlike other traditional keyword research toolkits, Ubersuggest pulls a lot of suggestions on the basis of global research and presents you the list of keywords which are ranked higher by the search engines.

5. SEOBook Keyword List Generator:

SEOBook Keyword List Generator is a quite easy to use keyword research tool. It provides you the facility generating appropriate keywords and phrases. Many of us also call it a nifty keyword research program. To make best use of SEOBook Keyword List Generator, you should either use Chrome or Firefox as the default browser.

6. SpyFu:

With SpyFu, you can see which of your competitors are going up and which are going down in the rankings of search engines. Isn’t it amazing that now you would have clear idea of which keywords your competitors are making use of for the purpose of competing you in the World Wide Web? Yes it definitely is a wonderful idea. So monitor your website niche’ status by inserting your keywords into this tool, and also get the most desired and appropriate list of keywords which you can make use of in writing your web contents / articles.

7. Bing Keyword Research Tool:

We can say it for sure that Bing Keyword research program is not behind the race than Google Adword. It, instead, can be of great help in searching the keywords which can maximize your chances of getting organic traffic for. Bing would also help you get your keywords in multiple languages.

SEO Keyword Research Tools – Top 6 Tools Developer and Designer

SEO Keyword Research Tools – Top 6 Tools Developer and Designer SEO Keyword Research Tools – Top 6 Tools Developer and Designer SEO Keyword Research Tools – Top 6 Tools Developer and Designer SEO Keyword Research Tools – Top 6 Tools Developer and Designer

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