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Share cash - tutorial


The following tutorial will explain you step by step, how to make money with Sharecash and Youtube.
What is Sharecash?
As a next generation upload site, Sharecash have taken the PPD industry to a whole new level. Boasting not only one of the highest payout rates around, their site also features some of the most high tech and unique tools to help you earn cash today, packaged with a high quality and fast support system with professional administrators. Powered by the latest technology in HTML5 and jQuery, their site provides you a feature loaded, smooth interface to work in, and to deliver your users an end product that is both professional and high converting.
How to register on Sharecash?
Sharecash - register  Once you register on this site, next one is “Your marketing methods”. This is the method you use to earn money. If you have no experience with making a web sites I suggest you use the Youtube method after reading my tutorial. 
Upload files to Sharecash:
Uploading files to Sharecash is quite simple. The size limit of a file is 50MB. Make sure to not upload any kind of adult files, including pornography, pornography passwords, nudity/semi-nudity, suggestive images/videos, files with sexual filenames, or anything remotely adult-related. Copyrighted files such as movies can also not be uploaded. Doing so will result in a ban. For uploading files you can use FTP uploader (but its optional). I suggest you upload you files via normal upload button which is located in "file folder" on the left side of your screen. 

You can manage your files by clicking on "Manage Files". Once you upload your files then go to Manage files and right click on the item you have uploaded, and then click on "Get info". You will find multiple information related to your file, like the name, number of downloads, file size, description, and the file URL. You can edit the name of your file and the description, that is optional. The file URL is the link that people will download form you.

Download Videos From Youtube:

The Youtube method is not new. A lot of people already use this. You can find a lot of videos on youtube with a Share Cash link or any other PPD website. So, all you would have to do is download a video from youtube, then upload it back with your Sharecash link
First of all, copy the URL link of your video from youtube, and then paste it to keepvid

then click download button:
Download as “FLV”. Best quality would be better.
When the download is finished, you should be able to upload it to youtube and add your Sharecash link.
Creating Your Own Videos
This method consist of creating your own videos then add to the description your Sharecash link. The problem is, most of you do not know what to create. By reading my tutorial, you will learn how to do so. Here are some tips which will help you to collect more money. 
Tips & Tricks
Make sure to read these tips and tricks to boost your earnings!
-> Think of something popular and rare(Like: Microsoft Point Generator, Black Ops Map Pack Generator)
-> Upload a lot of video and files. One video will not give you a lot of money. Try to make like 2 videos a week.
-> When you upload your file to Sharecash or any other PPD,  be sure the file have a good name (Bad Example: 123456789.exe)(Good Example: Free PSN Code Generator.exe)
-> Always protect your video. Example watermark your video with your YouTube Channel username.
-> Try to be as much as possible legit when recording a video.
-> Try to add proof if you can. Give them a reason to believe you. (If you already have a map pack and you created a map pack generator, show as proof that you have the map pack)
-> Create multiple YouTube accounts to thumbs up and add good comments to your own video. I would suggest to have like 4. You could also use bots, but don’t over do it, people may feel it’s odd.
-> Boost your video views with tools. (Example:
-> Try to follow games news to know what’s popular right now.
-> Always looks professional.
-> Prevent people from thinking poorly about you! Use the option on Youtube to be able to comment only after approval by you.
-> You can add into your description things like “This files has been downloaded 132 Times”
-> Add a lot of related keyword on your YouTube video.
-> Try to have a good title of the video (Bad Example: ms points generator) (Good Example: [2011] Microsoft Point Generator Tested & Working the 08/01/2011)
-> If your earnings goes down suddenly, this could mean that your video was deleted.
-> Create a text file called Troubleshooting Guide.txt and add in your description the download to anyone that have any problem.
-> You could redirect people to your website, and the download link would be located at your website. This looks more professional.
-> If you are using Share Cash, use their mirrors.
-> You can redirect your traffic to a blog with all your download links in it and use Sharecash widget.
This is my last Payout, so its a proof that this program is realy working. Good luck with your money making :) If you have any further question feel free to email me ;) 

Video Tutorial About Shere Cash i will Upload in Few Days if you give Feed Back thanks 

How to Make $100 with Share Cash 100% Truth and Legal Method Shere Cash Best Method

How to Make $100 with Share Cash 100% Truth and Legal Method Shere Cash Best Method How to Make $100 with Share Cash 100% Truth and Legal Method Shere Cash Best Method How to Make $100 with Share Cash 100% Truth and Legal Method Shere Cash Best Method How to Make $100 with Share Cash 100% Truth and Legal Method Shere Cash Best Method

you are reading : How to Make $100 with Share Cash 100% Truth and Legal Method Shere Cash Best Method

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