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The Importance of Keyword Research Tools and Its Uses!

Importance of Keyword Research Tools
Keyword research tools to an SEO Specialist is like a socket set to a car mechanic. The mechanic would have a difficult time being successful without them.
The same goes for being successful with search engines… without proper keyword research to find what the people are actually typing into the search box, it is a gamble.

Below Are a Few Important Reasons to Use keyword research tools.

1. Content Relevancy - With the Google Panda algorithm, its goal is simple… “to give people the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible.”
On that note, if your content is not relevant to the search queries performed, the chances are your page will not show in the search engine results.
Here’s what you need to DO… you need to find those targeted and profitable keyword phrases that your potential visitors will enter into the search engine’s Search box… keywords that potential customers associate with your product or service.
These keyword research tools will help you find those “Gold Nugget” keyword phrases that you are so desperately in need of to keep the traffic flowing to your site and keep your business a float.
These research tools will do just that, they will filter out the keywords that are relevant to your main article topic, at the same time giving you the average search counts per month and also how much competition is out there using a mixture of the same keyword phrase term.
Whether you have a purchased keyword research tool at your disposal or use the free Google Keyword Research Tool, it might be a smart move to use Google Insights to make sure the Keywords fit your industry, plus Google Trends to make sure your keywords are HOT (not, here today, gone tomorrow).
2. Search Counts - This is important because if you use a keyword phrase that nobody is searching for, then you haven’t done yourself any good for being found in the search engine results for those looking for your product or service.
A great place to start with your keyword research would be an article I wrote ‘How to Do Proper Keyword Research and Analysis!’… this article will break down the method to find those Gold Nugget, profitable and relevant keyword phrases that will target your audience.
3. Know Your Competition – You don’t want to choose a generic keyword phrase with high competition, because the chances of finding yourself anywhere close to the first page of Google or any other search engine for that matter is slim to none. Secondly, staying away from the generic keyword phrase will help your efforts with being more targeted to your article.
If you are not familiar with why I am saying to stay away from generic words, follow the link to help you better understand the differences between the generic keyword phrase and the more targeted long tailed keywords.
Besides knowing the number of competitors using this keyword phrase within their content, it’s always good to know who your competition is, so when you find a keyword phrase that fits the bill of not being too high in competition, hit the first page of Google and others to find out what other Websites are using the term.

Closing Comments About the Importance of the Keyword Research Tools

There are many keyword research tools on the market today, some free, some not, so use your best judgement for those that will find you the best results and give you the widest variety of information.
The keyword research tool I use, side by side with the Google keyword research tool, is called Rank Tracker… follow the link for my review of this awesome keyword research and rank monitoring tool.
Not only does Rank Tracker have 20 keyword research tools at your disposal, to include Google Suggest, Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery along with many, many more, but it also tells me the competition, number of average searches and the KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index), which means it will tell me whether the keyword phrase is a good one to target or not.
It has dozens of other features, so I could go on and on about this amazing keyword research tool, but your best bet is to follow the link above and check it out for yourself… make sure you take the time to watch the video on that page.
Enough of my pitch… keep in mind that SEO is a long term undertaking, so choosing the proper and relevant keyword phrases for your article can give you a nice boost with your blog traffic. Choose the wrong keywords and you can KISS your Efforts Goodbye!

Importance of Keyword Research Tools for Business!

Importance of Keyword Research Tools for Business! Importance of Keyword Research Tools for Business! Importance of Keyword Research Tools for Business! Importance of Keyword Research Tools for Business!

you are reading : Importance of Keyword Research Tools for Business!

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