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After listening to a webinar of a top earner in the industry, it was cool to hear him talk about some internet network marketing tips that I needed about to write about, but he went into detail about something specific that caught my attention.
He explained that to be successful in your internet network marketing business you need to look at your skills, and that will determine your income in correlation. Well, what did he mean by that?

Well we are talking about “soft” and “hard” skills. Soft skills are related to your personality; your attitude, your integrity and prosperity thinking, where your hard skills are your technical skills, physical tasks or things you learn in order to do a role.
So where your soft and hard skills merge, this is where your income is at and in order to increase your income you need to work on improving these skills.

Here are 7 top internet network marketing tips for success:

1) Believe in yourself (soft skill):  If you are self sabotaging yourself or do not see/feel that you deserve to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, then chance are that you won’t. Work on your self-belief, work on your feelings about money. This is one of the most underestimated soft skills and I believe it is one of the most important things to get right.
2) Take action every single day in your internet network marketing business:  Make goals and break them down into small achievable tasks every day. Make yourself a list of tasks to achieve for the week and sure you complete ever task on that list by the end of the week. What is your first income target, break it down to see what you need to do to actually achieve it.
3) Have the ability to “turn off” what is not serving you: If you are trying to build your business around another job then what can you give up to create more time? How important is making your business work to you? So can you give up TV, wasting time on facebook, skype, texting? Stop “clicking” around on the internet and unsubscribe from all those emails you keep getting that are taking you away from your focus.
4) Monitor your results:  Make sure you track everything so that you can get rid of what is not working and focus on what is. Tweak things that are working, to improve your results.
5) When you make your first dollar online: Do not spend it! Invest it back into your business on a result that has previously worked and then scale it up.
6) Continue with personal development both in soft skills and hard skills: The more you learn, the more value you are giving out and the more you will earn.
7) Always take the time to build relationships: You never know when you might be able to call on these new friendships and business relationships, they could easily lead to joint ventures. It is proven that most people develop and learn better when in a team or mentoring environment.

7 top internet network marketing tips for success

7 top internet network marketing tips for success 7 top internet network marketing tips for success 7 top internet network marketing tips for success 7 top internet network marketing tips for success

you are reading : 7 top internet network marketing tips for success

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