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August 1, 2012

Have you wondered how to network market like the Network Marketing “Gurus”? You wonder what they know or what they do differently to someone who is only earning a few hundred dollars a month ?
Or you think they just “got lucky”?
NO they didn’t get lucky!! Here’s are a few strategies of what the Top 7+ figures earners do.

Strategy 1: How to Network Market to your first financial goal

Create a business plan.
1) Visualize and establish your business, who your target market is and what you want to accomplish out of your business. Mainly you want to set goals, short and long term goals.
2) Write down the action steps you need to take obtain your goal.  For example if you want to know how to network market and build a team to generate your desire income a month, then calculate how many people do you need to sponsor to reach your target. Break it down into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually action plan.
3) Create your plan of action. You need to know how to network market online or offline to attract your prospects. What is needed to learn? How many leads a day you need to generate and how many people you need to talk per day?
4) Set a time frame for yourself to accomplish each step and be consistent.

Strategy 2: How to Network Market to at the next level 6 and 7 Figures

1) Refine your marketing strategies and expertise by specialising in an area your skill or niche.
2) Create your own marketing product around your skill.
3) Use video marketing to promote(makes you a real person)
4) Use webinars (extremely responsive)
5) Use follow up emails (to generate sales)
6) Test your marketing with split testing and tracking (what marketers do)
7) Do it all again(repeat the process)

Strategy 3: How to Network Market to 8 Figures

Okay so this is new territory for me which is why I am paying VERY close attention to an 8-Figure earner right now who has quite simply put together his ENTIRE blueprint for how to achieve exactly what he has achieved in the last couple of years.
The difference between 6 and 7 figure earners and 8 figure earners is taking the Executive lead in your business by building teams of 6 and 7 figure earners. Your products are now distributed by your teams and your affiliates and your income is passive and also generated through personal appearances.
If you are serious about wanting to know how to network market like the 8-Figure earners, then you absolutely need to see these videos.
I seriously believe this product you should buy.
Just take a look at Mark’s videos now, it’s all marketing,and take a look at what and how he says it and apply some of these tactics to your own marketing strategies.
So create your plan, refine your skill and you can become a top earner.
To your abundance

How to Network Market like a Top Earner

How to Network Market like a Top Earner How to Network Market like a Top Earner How to Network Market like a Top Earner How to Network Market like a Top Earner

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