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It is important who you area attracting or I should say hanging around when it comes to you inner circle group. This inner circle will determine how far you will make it in this profession. I’ll explain in this post.

Who is in Your Inner Circle Group?

inner-circle-groupYour inner circle group is very important and will determine your success in the network marketing industry. The saying goes, “The average of your 5 friends is the average of your income.” Now you may be thinking, “That is not true Jay, you don’t no what you are talking about.” Take a look at your closest 5 friends. Who you spend most of your time with, hangout and go to eat with. That is your average income.
Now I’m not saying there is nothing wrong with that or your friends but when you look at the top earners in the industry who are their 5 closet friends? Exactly. This is not by accident it is by designed. Now you may be saying,”Well, it is easy for them because the already have money or success so they can get to change their inner circle group.” I can tell you that is not the case.

Actions to Change Your Inner Circle Group

inner-circle-groupThe main thing that you need to is change your inner circle group. If you want success bad enough you are going to have to change your friends. Success leaves clues so you are going to have to surround yourself around successful people. This may be awkward in the beginning because you may feel out of place, don’t know anyone, or just plain feel uncomfortable. This is what personal development is about, living out your comfort zone.
Circumstances to change your inner circle will be uncomfortable at first but the more you continue to surround yourself around success people and the type of life you want, the more you will see a change and you will start making new friends and attract the people that you want into your life.
If you our looking to change your inner circle group and wanna be around a community that thinks like you,

Who Is In Your Inner Circle Group?

Who Is In Your Inner Circle Group? Who Is In Your Inner Circle Group? Who Is In Your Inner Circle Group? Who Is In Your Inner Circle Group?

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