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In today’s post I’m going to share the necessity of writing a daily affirmations. I have found
by doing this it shifts your mindset.

What is an affirmation

daily-affirmationsAn affirmation is a positive phrase used in the present tense used to attain a goal. Here is wikipedia’s definition of affirmation. So how you use this is that you take something that you want to be true in your life and act like you already have it in the present moment. Some examples of this could be:
I am good enough.
I am happy and grateful I have so much money.
I have the perfect partner.
You get the picture right? By writing daily affirmations this you can help develop a powerful and positive attitude towards life.
daily-affirmationsHere is the deal, we know that we have unlimited potential and not even close to reaching it yet. Our mind is a supercomputer that can help us accomplish anything, but we know that we are not using it to its capacity. Writing daily affirmations, you focus on the positive things you want in your life. In the Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham, it teaches that what you focus on whether its positive or negative is what you will receive. By empowering yourself to write these daily affirmations you will manifest what you desire and plant positive seeds into your sub-concious mind.

Daily Affirmations are important

Your positive attitude will fuel for your success. Use psychological techniques that will help your daily affirmations, your own personal power and your connection to the universe can create an awesome combination to manifest any change into your life. You can write daily affirmations in your home based business too. For example:
I attract others in my home based business.
I have success in my home based business.
I can make easy money with m home based business.
You can do this every morning when you get up. It takes no more than 5 minutes. Write your daily affirmations and do this for a 60 day period. It can be easy to forget but it is worth writing it down so you can start accomplishing your goals. I highly suggest that you pick up this book.
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Why You Need To Write Daily Affirmations

Why You Need To Write Daily Affirmations Why You Need To Write Daily Affirmations Why You Need To Write Daily Affirmations Why You Need To Write Daily Affirmations

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