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Open the 2 images (The image that you want to change color in and the image of the target color that you want to achieve)

Do a selection of the part/s of the cloth on the image you want to change, I used the pen tool for all my selections.
I put a feather radius of 1 pixel to the selection.

Now you have only 2 options to colorise the cloth of the model.
2:Match color.
You can try either method here; sometimes one will give a better result than the other, depending on the image.

With your selection active click on the hue/saturation adjustment layer in the layers panel.

Now that you have the hue/saturation dialog box active, try adjusting the sliders until you achieve the color that you are looking for.

Here is my image before and after using Hue/Saturation:

Match Color:
Do a selection of the highlights,midtones and shadows on the reference image.

duplicate the background layer of your image,load the selection with the feather then go to image>adjustment>match color.

Make sure that `use selection in source to calculate colors` and use selection in target to calculate adjustment` is ticked.Select your reference image as source.

Finally you add an S curve to the selection then sets its blend mode to luminosity.

You can go even further to get the color as close as the reference by using curves on either the Hue/saturation method, or the match color method.

Hopefully, I've given you an idea of the basic techniques required when altering color values within your image.

Normally after that stage I compare the midtones, highlights and shadow values for both images. With practice, the technique becomes easier!

Here are the results of my final image using hue/saturation and match color:

Changing Specific Colours MINI TUTORIAL

Changing Specific Colours MINI TUTORIAL Changing Specific Colours MINI TUTORIAL Changing Specific Colours MINI TUTORIAL Changing Specific Colours MINI TUTORIAL

you are reading : Changing Specific Colours MINI TUTORIAL

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