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In network marketing or any sales profession, follow up is one of the most important thing to do when you want your prospect to sign-up. When you don't follow up, you flushed down all hard work invested with your prospects. It costs more to lose a potential buyer rather than getting a new prospect. A company will do whatever it takes to keep a good employee rather than train a no experience person which will consume more time, money, effort and energy.

Follow up is crucial in closing a sale because people do not often make a decision immediately after the presentation. They want to take time to think and analyze if they are making the right decision or not.

According to marketing experts, it will take at least seven (7) times for a prospect to be contacted before they come up with a solid buying decision. But unfortunately, most network marketers give up or quit the moment they are turned down. Rejection is only a part of business, it is normal to get rejected whatever industry you are into.

Whether you are applying for a job – you will still get rejected when the human resource department turned down your application. Or when you are courting a ‘so hot sexy girl' – you will still get rejected when this girl doesn't like your style and turn you down. Even if you are already a company CEO – you will still get rejected when your investors turn down your proposal.

So what's the point of quitting when you experience rejection? Come on and wake up, rejection is only part of being a human being. You don't have a life when you don't experience rejection. So why not follow up on your prospects? Because afraid of being rejected?

Go and follow up on your prospect because the money is in the follow up.

Here Are Some Practical Tips on How to Follow Up Efficiently:

Remember the 48 Hour Rule

Excitement only last for 48 hours call your prospects within two days. When you are talking with your prospects use the power of choice and don't leave them hanging thinking that it's up to them when they will join. You must be in control of the conversation. You conversation may go something like this:

You: "Do you want to make a little or a lot?"

Prospect: "a lot"

You: "What for?"

Prospect: The prospect will just state his or her needs

You: "Since that you need to make a lot of money because of your needs [state the needs of your prospect], Where do you want to start from the bottom or to the top?"

Prospect: "From the top"

You: "Are you going to pay in cash or in check?"

Prospect: "Check"

You: "When can you go to the office to sign-up, Monday or Wednesday?"

Prospect: "Monday"

You: "9am or 1pm"

Prospect: "1pm"

You: "Ok, I'll see you then"

Master this process through experience, repetition is the master of skills.  Follow up on many prospects as possible.

Be Consistent

Follow up on your prospects even if you don't feel like doing it. Be consistent and commit on your schedule.

Be Sensitive

Know that your prospects really want. Listen to them and know what they are really saying. Read between the lines and know when to step backward and know when to step forward. Step backward when the prospect is not ready to talk to you and request that you call again. Step forward when you know that it's the right time to close.

Say What You Want

Do not beat around the bush; go straight to the point instead.

Don't Burn the Bridges

In this business relationship is very important, and people buy from you because of trust. Don't burn the bridges to your prospect, instead build relationship. If you are rejected by your prospect don't take it seriously, considered it as a business refusal not a rejection.

Use can use automated tools such as sms autoresponder or an email autoresponder to update your prospects what's going on with you, your products and services.

Remember, even if you've been rejected by your prospect, it doesn't mean that your relationship with them is over. Maybe it's not the right time. As King Solomon says, "There is a time for everything…" I believe timing also plays a crucial role why prospects buy. So if they don't buy from you, it's only a refusal for NOW. You'll never know 3 months from the time to talked with them, maybe they'll be needing your offer. Just don't burn the bridges.

How to Follow Up Effectively To Your Prospects In Network Marketing

How to Follow Up Effectively To Your Prospects In Network Marketing How to Follow Up Effectively To Your Prospects In Network Marketing How to Follow Up Effectively To Your Prospects In Network Marketing How to Follow Up Effectively To Your Prospects In Network Marketing

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