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What is the one most important thing for you to develop a strong network marketing business? It is getting the 'how to invite in MLM' right. Get your invitation to your opportunity correct and you have everything set for you.
Why is this so important? Well, you see the invite is like the engine of a train. The train is a series of events that happen when you interact with people as you develop networks. The engine is the prime mover of the relationships that develop.
If your invitation has the right tone, posture and words, you will lead. If it does not, you will follow. Followers don't build networks. Leaders do. Your prospects must understand that they are being spoken to by a person who knows what they are doing and where they are going. The confidence transmits itself across the 'train'.
Broadly speaking you must have one thing very clear in your head... that you are inviting in the capacity of a recruiter... not in the capacity of someone who needs a favor or needs them to help you. You are the buyer. You are their guide. You know what to do better than they do. It is your business and you are in-charge.
Just as HR people call prospects for a job, you call prospects for a business. They don't have to join you. They just need to examine options for a better life. Rather, for what they want out of life. Once you know what they want, fitting the pieces in place is relatively easy.
From my book, 'Arrive At Success' (Google it up... it has a dot-info site) I present you two invitations that work very well. One is a casual invite to a business colleague and the other is product oriented. Trust you will enjoy the dialogs...
"Mr Dawson, hello! Remember last week we were talking about diversification... well, I have an idea for you to diversify. We can talk it over tea at John's place. Would you prefer today evening or tomorrow? "Tomorrow." "Done. About 6 pm or would you prefer 8?" "8 might be better." "Great! I'll see you and Mrs Dawson... my wife is coming along as well. Thanks." Click. Always invite on phone... never in person.
"Ahmed bhai, good afternoon! How's everything?" "David?" "Yes! It's been a while but I've been thinking of you." "Really! Why?" "I met a lady called Jessica Fernandez recently and she's an expert on weight management. And I thought of your wife... what's her name?" "Afsha?" "Yes Afsha! How's she doing? Is she still bothered by the weight problem as she seemed when we last met?" "Maybe, I'll check." "Right Ahmed bhai, you'll probably be busy and I don't know how easily I can get Jessica's time. Could I have her number and perhaps the two of them could fix up a suitable time to talk it over?" "Ok, I guess you're right... here's the number"......
"Hello is that Afsha?" "Yes" "Hi Afsha, this is David Writer. I had met you and Ahmed bhai at the Orchid exhibition, you remember? Ahmed is a client of ours." "Hmmm..." "That's OK Afsha, you will perhaps when we meet. I called to check if you would still be looking at solutions to the weight issue you seemed very troubled by back then. I recently came across a certain Mrs Jessica Fernandez who is working magic with weight loss. Would you like to meet up with me so I can give you a background about it?" "Let me check with Ahmed..." "Great! I just spoke with him. In fact he gave me your number. Tell me when you're free at home and I'll check if Mrs Fernandez is available too. How's Thursday evening for you?" "Oh on Thursday we have a wedding." "Friday then?" "Maybe." "Great, I'll reconfirm and can we keep a spot open for Saturday afternoon just in case?" "Ok."
So that's 2 approaches on how to invite in MLM. Have a blast!
If you prefer to share videos, I have one on how to invite in MLM here. Connect with me now at for improving your prospecting and cashflow through network marketing online and offline.

How to Invite in MLM

How to Invite in MLM How to Invite in MLM How to Invite in MLM How to Invite in MLM

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