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How To Set Goals for 2013

Free learn How To Set Goals for 2013

It is the time of the year again. In this blog post “How to set goals in 2013″, you will find practical ways to set your goals and achieve it.
The number one reason why people do not get what they want even though they feel they work hard for the year is that, they do not spend enough time thinking throughly about what they want out in their life or they set goals based on feel. Some set goals too high and find it hard to achieve and stop completely.

Why Goal Setting? by free learning

Goal setting is a powerful process for motivating you and turn your vision into reality. The goal is a roadmap for you. The road you took may have a lot of “exit” – so called, distraction. You must be focus along your journey to the end. Learn how to say NO if “exit” comes your way. This way, you know for a fact that you are still on your highway driving towards to your destination.

7 Tips learn on How to Set Goals for 2013

The follow 7 tips on how to set goals for 2013 will gently put you to the right path of setting your goal by yourself.

Tip 1 you need you learn – Express Your Goals Positively

We do not want negative to impact our goal setting. In here, state each of your goal as a positive statement that will push you to action rather than sitting on it. Execution is the key here in getting your goal done. So set a goal that is achievable yet stretch yourself out of comfort zone.

Tip 2 learn – Be Precise

Setting goals for 2013 without timeline is goal with never ending destination. You won’t be able to judge if you hit your goal or not. So while setting your goal, put in your timeline and milestone to hit so you can measure your achievement. If you do this, you will know exactly what steps to take to achieve that. In this way, you will have more motivation daily to get the task done while focusing on the end goal.

Tips 3 learn – Look at Big Picture First

When planning you goal, look at the end goal. Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve at the end of 2013? From there, break down into segment or projects that will help you achieve that. From the segments and project, you will then know how to achieve each project successfully by following tip 2.

Tip 4  learn – Set Your Priority

This happen when you have multiple goals. When you have that, give each priority. This help you to avoid feeling you have so many things to be done but not enough time to get all done. Get them into projects and map out daily task and milestone for each one of them.

Tip 5 learn– Map Out Operational Goals

This happen after you have narrow down into individual project. From here, keep your operational goals achievable.  Do it in progressive manner instead of one big jump. The advantage of this is that, you will see progress and able to make changes if you see the plan you plan is not working. Depends on what project you are on, there are two types of operational goals that you can measure. They are performance and outcome goal. Either goal, you must have as much as control over them as possible.

Tip 6 learn– Set Realistic Goals

Set goals that makes you feel uncomfortable yet achievable. This enable you to challenge yourself and put yourself into a mode of change. This change will propel you to what you want at the end of 2013. If you don’t do it, you will still be the same as where you are at 2012.

Tip 7 learn– Action and Persist

Once goal are set, go action on it. You can’t leave the goal there as if they will magically happen for you. Now that you have your goal and plan, execute it and persist. It is the persistance and the ability to change along the way will you reach your goal in 2013.
With all the 7 tips in mind, you now know how to set goals for yourself in 2013. Go forth and plan goals, then execute on it.
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How To Set Goals for 2013

How To Set Goals for 2013 How To Set Goals for 2013 How To Set Goals for 2013 How To Set Goals for 2013

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