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1. Tell Me about yourself
Well some people call me Entrepreneur and Online guru, some refer as a Trainer, some say Motivator, some call Prosperity Consultant. Well I am a son, brother, friend, colleague….. just another guy in mid 20′s, who loves the internet, music, long car drives and likes to hang out with friends, goes out on trips, helps near and dear ones with when they are in trouble and believes that the best way to start any activity is with a lot of positivity and energy.
2. What is Your Educational Background ?
I did my grads from Delhi University, along with it I was doing Software Engineering from NIIT. After that I learnt Web Designing & also Search Engine Optimization.
3. When was the first time you perform on the stage and how did you felt ?
Few years ago long with my business associates I was in Dehradun, we were there to build that market for the business. It was at that time I got an opportunity to go on stage and face Huge Crowd. And initial 1-2 outings I didn’t even knew when I started and when it got finished icon wink Interview Encounter with Network Marketing Leader Vineet Gupta But from there I had gained and learned a LOT. Today I can confidently handle the stage with more than 1000 people in audience, that’s the confidence I have gained now.
4. How you come into Network Marketing ?
I started my career as a Web Designer and Online Marketer in a IT company in New Delhi, and was aiming to own a Web Development company after gaining some experience.
But luckily and thankfully to my friend I was introduced to the amazing world of NETWORK MARKETING. And soon I realized the purpose of life icon wink Interview Encounter with Network Marketing Leader Vineet Gupta
5. Which thing force you to become Internet Entrepreneur ?
When I was in Job I learnt Online Marketing there and I liked it, but then I went into Network Marketing and decided to choose it as a career, there as well I used the power of internet to build the business globally, and those skills have helped in doing the same. I strongly believe that in today world whatever business or profession you are into if you know how to utilize the power of internet you can definitely build your strong presence in the market.
6. How much time do you spend with your Computer ?
Haha, I am always poked within my circle for it. I am always online icon wink Interview Encounter with Network Marketing Leader Vineet Gupta
Whenever I get time, I love getting online, as I love exploring, learning on internet. Usually I spend around 5-6 hours daily in from of my Laptop.
7. In your words what is Network Marketing ?
NETWORK MARKETING is the only Industry through which a COMMON MAN can achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM.
I have NO DOUBT about this. You give 5 years in this industry, it can change your life 180 degrees. And 99% people who join this industry hardly stay there for 2-3 years thats why they Fail.
It’s very simple to understand – today any BIG SHOT Business Man in this World makes big money through his NETWORK, because he’s having huge number of people working in his organization. Without all those people he cannot even make that Huge money. If anyone wants to make huge money NETWORK is Must, because one cannot create that kind of Wealth through a Job or some Small business.
8. What should be the proper way to get success in MLM ?
Keep it SIMPLE.
I see many people trying to do things out of the book. Best what I have learnt is – Just follow whatever your Senior’s are saying.
Firstly they are in the business longer than you and secondly, they always want your Growth, if you grow they AUTOMATICALLY grow.
Lastly I would like to add, if you try to do this business according to you its very Difficult, but if you follow the System its very Simple.
9. How often you go outside and make new friends ?
I don’t need to go somewhere to make friends icon biggrin Interview Encounter with Network Marketing Leader Vineet Gupta
As I am into Networking business I meet so many people from different walks of like daily, irrespective of they start or not I try to make a healthy relation. I have learnt that relationship is one of the best things you earn. And I had made some very good friends.
10. How People react when they know you are Internet Entrepreneur ?
Most of them are curious to know what kind of Online Business I am into ? And many a time they even take help how they can build their business online or make some extra money online.
11. How Network Marketing can help anyone to do something better in life ?
My friend there’s no Limit.
Network Marketing gives you so much, to people who are new to it, to them money is what they see at first. Even I did saw that only when I was new.
But I have learnt that MONEY is just a BY PRODUCT.
From Time Freedom, Financial Freedom, Network Marketing gives so much. I have seen so many changes happening in myself and in other people and our life’s as well. I was very hesitant to speak from childhood, but it’s due to this industry I had gained so much confidence. You can also help others in growing and solving their financial problems and this is something extraordinary, just imagine if you helped someone in changing their life he/she will always thank you throughout their life.
Today I thank my friend who gave me this beautiful opportunity.
There’s so much in this industry that I can keep on going for next few hours, but I won’t, may be will write an separate article on that icon wink Interview Encounter with Network Marketing Leader Vineet Gupta
12. What are your Future Plans ?
It’s crystal clear to me, to become Financially free within next 5 years and then help as many people possible doing the same and also I would like to do something for the society, I have not yet decided what I will do, but once I achieve my first goal I will definitely work on second one as well.
13. Your Message for the Readers
Whatever Goal you have in life, just have a Strong faith in yourself and don’t leave any stone un-turned to accomplish it. Take MASSIVE ACTION and achieve it !! At the same time everything should be done in legal and ethical way icon smile Interview Encounter with Network Marketing Leader Vineet Gupta
Finally just like to share one of the best quote which keeps me going towards my Goal “If you want to be in the 5% category of successful people in this world, you’ve to do what rest of 95% people don’t do.”

All the very Best Vineet and we wish you to touch the sky of Network Marketing.

Interview Encounter with Network Marketing Leader Vineet Gupta

Interview Encounter with Network Marketing Leader Vineet Gupta Interview Encounter with Network Marketing Leader Vineet Gupta Interview Encounter with Network Marketing Leader Vineet Gupta Interview Encounter with Network Marketing Leader Vineet Gupta

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