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The 7 steps to help turn guest to client starts with a proper invite.

To have an Effective MLM Presentation you must have guests show up, but one of the most difficult steps in operating a business is learning how to properly invite guests.  Distributors find this task the most difficult to handle in their business and thanks to the massive boom in the Home Based Businesses, it seems like everyone is pitching a product or service these days to your prospective guests. That means your guests have been puked on.  So how do you win them back? Let’s look at these 7 simple steps to inviting guests to an effective presentation:
Step 1 Invite – Make sure you start with what I call a “Clear the Calendar Question”. For example: “What’s your week like?”  Wait for the clearing then re-ask, “So Wednesday or Thursday Night?  Which one is better?”,  ”Great!  We are going to an Effective Presentation with _________ (Your Expert’s Name) who is doing the company overview I was talking about. This would really mean the world to me if you would just come and support me.  I’m not asking you to join – just support. I just want to know I can count on your support.”  Keep in mind,  if you are not transporting the client or customer to the event, then  ask for one more favor, “Please come 10 mins early so I can introduce you to ___________ (Your Expert’s Name).”
Step 2 The Show Up – It’s all about you picking them up.  If you pick the prospect up, they are guaranteed to show up.  If you don’t, give him/her very clear directions.   Make sure the venue is easy to get to, has easy accessibility to park and is well lit, and always think of safety.   When your guest arrives, please take the time and slow down your talking.  You should maintain eye contact and make him/her feel comfortable. Only introduce your guest to  2-3 people so not to overwhelm him/her. Make sure who ever is doing the Effective MLM Presentation meets your guest and spends 60-90 seconds with him/her before the  Effective Presentation starts.
Step 3 Share it - When an Effective MLM presentation starts make sure you and your guest are side by side and as close to the presenter as possible. The less distractions the better.  For example: prime spots are being in the front row. There are fewer distractions and the least change of people moving or standing up. The more focus YOU give the the presenter, then your guest will notice how serious you are. Please participate with the presentation but only speak when asked and raise your hand to ask or answer.
Step 4 The Sorting Process – After the Effective Presentation is over, turn facing your guest knee to knee and ask, ” What part did you LIKE best?” and Shut up! Let them answer this question.  This is where so many people go wrong! If your guest’s response is a NO not for them, say “Thank you! I understand it’s not for everyone. You’re not hurting my feelings and I am looking for support.”  If your guest’s response is “I have a few questions”, then make sure you SHUT UP and Grab the Presenter.  They are called the Expert for a reason.  Let them be an Expert for your guest. If your guest’s answer is “Yes I get it.”  Then get them in front of your Expert.  Again, the Expert Presenter is there for a reason and can answer all the important questions.
Step 5 Promote to The Next Event – Always have something to get them involved in within 3-5 days. Such as a Product Party, New Product Launch, Training, Networking Event, anything…  that your Expert will have a chance to invite them to.
Step 6 Sample - Let them sample the product or service. Make sure you have product and brochures on hand. Once again give clear directions on how to use.
Step 7 The Thank you - There are three types of thank yous. 1. I know it’s not for you but I thank you again for your support.  If there is any possible way you can support me, I really want this and would appreciate it. 2. Thank you!  Here is your sample; I am sure you are going to love this. 3. Thank you for coming and seeing this to be our life changer. I am excited to build this with you. How ever slow or fast you want to build it, I am with YOU. I just want US to succeed for OUR families. Thank you.
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7 Steps to Properly Inviting Guests to an MLM Presentation.

7 Steps to Properly Inviting Guests to an MLM Presentation. 7 Steps to Properly Inviting Guests to an MLM Presentation. 7 Steps to Properly Inviting Guests to an MLM Presentation. 7 Steps to Properly Inviting Guests to an MLM Presentation.

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