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Posted by Muhammad Naeem On Thursday, August 22, 2013

“Kyunki har ek TeamMate zaroori hota hai“ is a phrase in Hindi, which means “Because every TeamMate is necessary, aka, important”

Have you ever thought why people are joining in your Team? What’s their reason of joining? What they have thought while joining and paying a certain amount? What’s their expectation?
To me it’s highly important to understand the reason WHY he/she joined. My friend first of all any person joining Network Marketing gets “EXCITED” after seeing the opportunity. After seeing the opportunity and meeting with other people earning great incomes, he gets excited. You know why? It’s because he senses that his DREAMS which he saw when he was a child, when he was growing up can be fulfilled. He feels that the DREAMS and DESIRES of himself and his family which he was not able to fulfill rather had to KILL could now be fulfilled from this industry.

Now What I want YOU to REALIZE?

Whenever a new person joins in your Team, sit with him, spend some time, know him better as well as his REASON / GOAL / DREAM, why he joined the business. It’s not at all about making people join in your Team to make money
. If you are doing NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS with this intension you cannot ever succeed, you are bound to fail and that too very soon.
Once you know the Reason why a person has joined the business and he’s really serious to achieve his Goal, immediately start the planning taking in consideration how much time the new joinee can give initially, how committed he is towards his Goal. Accordingly you match your commitment with him and without any further delay start taking MASSIVE ACTION.

And put in all of your energy you can, give 100% in helping him achieve his Goal and if he succeeded, YOU WON A MATE FOR A LIFETIME icon smile Kyunki har ek TeamMate Zaroori hota hai

My friend, Network Marketing is all about building everlasting relationships and helping other’s to achieve their Dreams and your Dream automatically gets fulfilled and Yes Money is the by Product.

Kyunki har ek TeamMate Zaroori hota hai

Kyunki har ek TeamMate Zaroori hota hai Kyunki har ek TeamMate Zaroori hota hai Kyunki har ek TeamMate Zaroori hota hai Kyunki har ek TeamMate Zaroori hota hai

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