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Now I create a new layer above the sand and selected a grayish purple color to match the shadows in the sand. I added a clipping mask, set the layer to multiply and painted in the shadow. After I was done I thought about it, and decided that the bottle would allow some light through it so I went to hue/saturation and changed the color of my shadow to give a little greenish tone to it.

Now I want to put something in the bottle so let's add a message. I paste in the message source image on the top layer and lower it opacity so I can kind of see how it looks positioned in the bottle and if it will even work. I do this instead of masking it first so that I don't waste time in masking the image only to find that I don't like how it looks.

As luck would have it, the source is just what I want so I go ahead and mask it. (If you're curious to know what the message says, it reads "Help! I'm trapped on an island called Worthenesia and am being forced to write tutorials. The rum is running low-please rescue me!)

Now I just need to move the layer to the proper place which is down between the bottle layer set to multiply and the bottle layer set to screen. Think of the multiply layer as the back side of the glass and the screen layer as the front side of the glass. I burned some shadows onto the note and gave it a greenish tone by going to Image-adjustments-photo filter-underwater just as I'd done earlier.

Stick a cork in it I'm done. The last step was to add the cork and I did all the same tricks I did to it as the scroll-sandwiched it between the bottle layers and applied the underwater filter to the part of the cork that was inside the bottle and burned in the shading. A few tweaks to the contrast of the main background and then on the bottle shaped, distorted background copy- I went to brightness/contrast and dropped the brightness 15 points and added 15 to the contrast.

Message in a Bottle-Working with Glass PART-4

Message in a Bottle-Working with Glass PART-4 Message in a Bottle-Working with Glass PART-4 Message in a Bottle-Working with Glass PART-4 Message in a Bottle-Working with Glass PART-4

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