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In this post they are 21 network marketing prospecting questions to boost your MLM Sponsoring. I’ve witnessed that great recruiters have asked great prospecting questions. Here are some question you can use for your prospecting arsenal. I’m giving you them for free.

How Questions Can Increase Your Network Marketing Recruiting

mlm-scriptsA reason why people struggle is because they are looking to make a sale on a kit instead of solving a person’s problem or find people who want more out of life. A simple way to find out what people want is to ask them questions. Not just any questions but the right ones.

Why Use These MLM Scripts

You can use this blog with your team and this blog or even print these out when you are inviting a prospect on the phone. If you are lost for words or don’t know what to say next use these prospecting questions to guide you while talking to your prospect.

21 Network Marketing Prospecting Questions, Just For You

I’m gonna give you a few different scenarios on to use these prospecting question:
You can start like this, I just found out….
1. How to get an extra pay check each month?
2. How to stay at home with the kids and get paid for full time work?
3. How to work from home part time and earn more than my wife/husband?
4. How I don’t have to work 50 years like my parents?
5. How to get paid for not actually turning up to work?
(Would that be of interest to you) Always have a call to action.
Or Just curious….
6. Is it hard working full time around the kids?
7. Do you love driving to and from work in peak hour traffic?
8. Are you married to your job or open minded?
9. Would you like to know how to get an extra pay check each month?
10. Have you ever thought about being your own boss?
11. Do you like working 6-7 days per week?
(Well if you would ever like to know I would love to show you) Again call to action
Or Would it be ok if…
12. You could fire your boss?
13. That we make your skin look so young, they start asking you for ID again?
14. You could take holidays and still get paid?
15. Spend more time with your kids and get paid while you do it?
16. We could show you how to replace your income working from home in under 90 days?
17. If you could sleep in while others go to work each day?
(Would you like me to show you how that works?) Call to action
Or Are you ok with…
18. Working for your boss so that he gets rich?
19. Seeing your work colleagues more than your family?
20. Not taking holidays?
21. Waiting until you retire to do what you want?
(Well if I could show you a plan, so that you can have all those things you want before you retire, would you be open to a side project?) Call to action.
You always want to have a call to action and have a commitment from your prospect. If you are looking for more sponsoring secrets, CLICK HERE to boost and master your sponsoring.

MLM Scripts: 21 Network Marketing Prospecting Questions

MLM Scripts: 21 Network Marketing Prospecting Questions MLM Scripts: 21 Network Marketing Prospecting Questions MLM Scripts: 21 Network Marketing Prospecting Questions MLM Scripts: 21 Network Marketing Prospecting Questions

you are reading : MLM Scripts: 21 Network Marketing Prospecting Questions

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