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Just informed on some great mlm prospecting tips that I came across. In today’s blog I will
share this indirect approach that works.

MLM Prospecting TipsDon’t Be Weird To Get Sales

I’ve been studying a lot of prospecting and recruiting methods and this indirect approach is brilliant because it does not make you sound like a salesman or too salesy. Actually tried this out and wanted to share with you these mlm prospecting tips and recruiting methods that anyone can use and do very easily. It helps avoid awkwardness which you can use to have less resistance from your prospect and pull them towards you instead of the pushing yourself onto them. You can use this to talk with people which will:
1. Get them to ask you questions
2. Establish yourself as a person of influence
3. Stand out from the rest

Use the Indirect Approach on your MLM Prospects

This indirect approach was taught to me by Ray Higdon and it works like clockwork.
Here is a sample conversation in mlm prospecting tips.
You: What is it that you do Mark?
Mark: I’m a mortgage broker from Baltimore, MD.
You:  Cool, how long have you been doing that? Do you enjoy it? (Just listen right here)
Mark: What is it that you do?
You: I actually teach people how to create an additional income from home. Bill, as a broker do you mainly focus in the local area?
It’s brilliant,right? Now Mark will ask pause and will want you to clarify what you meant about creating that additional income from home, because you were focusing on Mark and listening to what he had to say. It is a good approach right? If he doesn’t stop and ask you for more information than you can just touch base with Mark on another time.

MLM Prospecting TipsMLM Prospecting Tips Structured Properly

It is incredible when you show interest to a person an listen to them. By doing this they want to reciprocate it but don’t damage the rapport you have built by pitching them. Talk to them and listen to continue to build that rapport and eventually they will ask you what you do. Some more great examples:
I help people make money using the internet, now Mark, do you work mainly in the local area or are you working nationally as well?
I help people make money promoting a DNA technology from home, and to be clear Sue, has financial planning been tough in this economy or has it even affected you at all?
Listen more by using the indirect approach and mlm prospects will not feel like they are being pitched and you will create more friends as well.

MLM Prospecting Tips: The Indirect Approach

MLM Prospecting Tips: The Indirect Approach MLM Prospecting Tips: The Indirect Approach MLM Prospecting Tips: The Indirect Approach MLM Prospecting Tips: The Indirect Approach

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