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MLM prospecting strangers

MLM prospecting strangersThis is could be natural if you are a social person but if you are not then this may take a little courage. When mlm prospecting a stranger there are three things that you want to do while doing this. There are very simple and duplicatable. Before I get into that you can practice with anyone you know or don’t know it doesn’t matter but the more you do it the easier it will become. Let’s paint a picture here. You are downtown leaving a meeting, and waiting to meet someone else. You see this stranger coming out of a building so you decide to prospect him. The conversation would go something like this.
You: Hey, how you doing my name is ________
Prospect: I’m good. I’m John
You: Hey John, Do you work there?
John: Yea I do.
You: How long have you been there?
John: (Give you an answer)
You: What exactly do you do there?
John: Well, I’m a (they’ll tell you)
You: Oh that’s cool, what do you like about that?
John: (They’ll give you an answer)
After you have built some rapport change the channel a little bit.
You: Just throwing it out there, would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing? I’m building in this area and I like to connect with good people
John: NO
You: Ok cool, have a great day!
John: Yes or what is it?
You: You know what it may or may not be for you but I’ll tell you what, give me your information, your email and phone number and I’ll send you over a short video. Watch it, check it out and if you are interested great then we can talk more.

Simple Steps in MLM Prospecting

Simple Steps in MLM ProspectingYou  start by giving a compliment or comment, if they smile or show some type of positive enegry then you can continue with mlm prospecting. This is important because you do not want to be wasting your time on negative people. This is someone you may want for in your business. After the compliment, start asking questions, connect with that person and build rapport. This could be about the job, about there family, recreation, whatever. Then change gears towards then end of  the conversation and see if they are open. If they are you get there information and get out of there. Then follow up with them the next day. This is a simple three step process. You connect with them, get there information, be busy and get out. The most important part is follow up with them the next day.
Don’t miss the opportunity to talk to these people but you should only to talk to these people. Don’t try to present, lead with your opportunity, or close them.

MLM Prospecting: How To Talk To Strangers

MLM Prospecting: How To Talk To Strangers MLM Prospecting: How To Talk To Strangers MLM Prospecting: How To Talk To Strangers MLM Prospecting: How To Talk To Strangers

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