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You should know that mlm prospecting is the name of the game if you want success in network marketing.   Facebook, article marketing, video marketing, linked in, etc., these are  strategies for lead generation.  But what happens after you generate the lead?  You’ll need to do something that most marketers fear the most, PICK UP THE PHONE!

MLM ProspectingThere is a pain in your chest and butterflies in your stomach.  You fear mlm prospecting to the point where you engage in avoidance behaviors.  I know you know what that is, but for those who don’t, let me explain.
Basically, you do whatever it takes to avoid the perceived pain that you associate with mlm prospecting.  It could bethe pain of  rejection, hang-ups, failure.  So what do you do?  You write another article or blog post, chat on Facebook, clear your trash in your email every 5 mintues, click the refresh button in the back-office of your primary opportunity hoping and praying that someone magically signed up without you speaking to them (not likely), go make a sandwich, turn on the radio, read a book, etc.
You engage in any avoidance behavior to disassociate yourself from mlm prospecting.
And here’s the kicker…
To justify it all, you tell yourself you’re busy.  PFFF!  Busy being efficient but not effective.
If you don’t get over your fear of the phone, you will not make a dime in this industry. That’s the truth and it hurts.

The First Steps To MLM Prospecting To Help You Overcome Your Fear

MLM Prospecting1)  Change your thinking  – You fear mlm prospecting because you associate it with pain, rejection, etc.  You have  created a negative outcome in your mind and since what you focus on expands, that is exactly what you will get.  The more you think it, the bigger it gets until it turns into a gripping, paralyzing fear.
Now, change your association to mlm prospecting.  What will mlm prospecting do for you? Build your confidence, build your bank account, enable you to take that vacation you’ve always wanted, big checks, a new car, etc.
Change what you associate mlm prospecting with and let that be your focus.  Write it down on a note card titled “What MLM Prospecting Gives Me”.  Read it several times a day and before you pick up the phone.
Now, this is just to get you to pick up the phone.  Once the other party gets on the line, your focus needs to shift from you, to them and their needs.
2)  Build your confidence through self development - Mindset is everything when it comes to mlm prospecting.  It is the foundation upon which you will build your business.  Unstable, unsure foundation = Unstable unsure business.
You must learn to identify, dig out and evict all of the self-limiting doubts and beliefs you have about yourself; some of which you may not even be aware because they’re hidden deeply within your subconscious mind.
Reading the right books will help you do do that.  Make a commitment to read 10 pages a day of a good book.
Compound it with listening to 15 minutes of something good daily.  You can go on YouTube and Google people like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, etc.  There’s a ton of motivational, inspirational material online.
The small amount of time it takes to do this daily is nothing compared to the benefits you’ll gain for yourself, your business and life overall.
3)  Get an attraction marketing system  – Using an attraction marketing system allows you to generate leads while branding yourself, so you can be sure that people who leave their contact information want what you have to offer.  They want to hear from you.  You’re not chasing them, it’s the other way around.  Why would someone leave their phone number for you to call them and then curse you out and hang up?  Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Script For MLM Prospecting

MLM ProspectingNow that your mind right, your confidence is built and you’re ready to charge ahead, what are you going to say to your prospects?
Many strugglein this area, but you don’t have to.  MLM prospecting is an art and to be great you must practice.  I studied and read scripts to build up my confidence and until I get into a flow.
Here’s an cool script from Recruiting & Prospecting expert Todd Falcone that he uses to recruit professionals such as real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, etc.  Why?
Because their primary tasks include, selling, prospecting, interacting with people, overseeing responsibilities and they get paid from commissions.  Sound familiar?  They are already doing what we do as network marketers.
You can use this script when you’re out and about doing your daily routine.
If you pass a house for sale, take down the number of the agent and address.  When you go to the store or local restaurants, doctor’s appt, etc., pick up business cards.
Then call with this script:
You: Hello “John Realtor.”  This is ______________.  How are you?  I saw your house for sale on 111 Street in Dallas.
Them: They may respond, oh great, it’s still available, do you want to schedule a viewing?
You: Actually, I live in the area already.  I’m an entrepreneur and I love working with super sharp people like yourself.  My business is expanding in the area.  John, I just have one question for you, do you keep your options open to generating cash flow outside of what you’re currently doing?  (Do not pause until you’re done)
(You can adapt this to their profession and where you found their info)
If they say No: Great, just thank them for their time and end the call.
Most people will say Yes.
If they say Yes: You’ll need an easy “Go To” Business Script in your arsenal.

MLM Prospecting: How To Overcome Your Fears

MLM Prospecting: How To Overcome Your Fears MLM Prospecting: How To Overcome Your Fears MLM Prospecting: How To Overcome Your Fears MLM Prospecting: How To Overcome Your Fears

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