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If you’re a person who is not comfortable or have avoided the friends and family conversation, that is why you’re not making any money in this industry, because it goes a lot deeper than that. So if you’re wondering why you’re not having any MLM success, I’m here to address that today.

Why do some have MLM Success and others don’t?

mlm successWhat’s the X-factor to why some people step in to this industry and crush it with MLM Success, make 5 figure monthly incomes and achieve things most people don’t do in a lifetime? Well, the underlaying factor here, is simply BELIEF. They are at that level where they can attract any MLM success and anything they want. They have that energy even through the phone line that makes people just want to be a part of them.

Why you’re not making any money

If you who are reading this now, is uncomfortable talking to your warm market, if you can’t pick up the phone and have a simple conversation right now about the industry, about what you’re doing to better your life. If this is you, this is why you’re not making any money. This is why you don’t have enough people to talk to. Because there is a disbelief there inside of you that you gotta figure out and get over right now! Why haven’t you talked to your warm market? The truth is that is your gold mine to MLM success. People join people they know, like and trust. No one but your warm market fits that part better.

Warm market and MLM Success script

If you haven’t for example called your friend and said:
“Hey Jo, I just got started in this industry, I don’t know if it’s gonna be for you, but I’m super pumped about it. Are you open to an additional source of income if it would not interfere with what you’re doing right now? 
How are things? What’s going on in your life? Are you getting the results that you want? Are you able to spend the time with the family that you want? Are you making the type of money you expect? 
In this industry there’s a lot of leverage involved and if you bring a lot of work ethic, which I know you have, you can really create your own paycheck. It doesn’t matter to me weather you get started or not, as a friend, I wanted to let you know about this opportunity so down the road when I’m making all this money, you won’t get upset that I didn’t share this opportunity with you in the beginning.”
If you can’t have this conversation, stop whatever you’re doing and go to work on YOU. Dig in to some personal development, some Jim Rohn, some Tony Robbins, make sure you are on your primary company training call, the events, surround yourself with people that have the belief until you have it! The truth is, your disbelief is coming across the phone with anyone you call of talk to and will definitely affect your MLM success.

The solution to MLM Success

success or failureKnow that just about everyone have this problem in the beginning, but make sure you get over it quickly! The solution to MLM success is to ask yourself, why do you have this negative feeling about what you’re doing? Ask yourself what you need to do to let go of fear and negativity  in your life and how start embracing this industry 100% and not look back. Contact your warm market, let go, not take things personally because your warm market will not reject you. They will not say they don’t like YOU if they say no! The might say, it’s not for them because they don’t have the same drive as you, they are not an entrepreneur or don’t even want the better things in life. That’s cool! Great, no harm done, we’ll catch a beer next week!
So surround yourself with the people that have the results you want. It doesn’t have to be anyone you know or meet every day, it could be Jim Rohn that you listen to every night. To have MLM success, spend your time with the people who get it.  Either let this business go, or stop the BS and give in, get the belief up. When you do, this is not going to be a struggle, you will enjoy because you know you’re on the right path. You’re following in the footsteps of some of the highest income earners out there.

My questions to youmlm success

Have you made the decision that this is it? That this industry is real? That this is your home? Is this the next chapter of your life? Is network marketing what is going to bridge the gap between you and your dreams? Because if you haven’t made that decision, until you’ve burned all the bridges, it’s not gonna happen. Let it go, breathe, YOU can do this!

What’s stopping your MLM Success??

What’s stopping your MLM Success?? What’s stopping your MLM Success?? What’s stopping your MLM Success?? What’s stopping your MLM Success??

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