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Posted by Muhammad Naeem On Sunday, March 16, 2014
Since the day facebook initiated its services, it became a perfect social media platform for the people to get in touch with their friends and family members around the globe. Now I can say this for sure that facebook is one of the strongest social networking websites and every day billions and trillions people make use of this social media website.
Using facebook can be purposed in two ways; the first is for personal use, conversations and chatting with friends, while the second use is promoting our services, websites and products around the globe; this can also be named as facebook marketing.
We can not neglect the fact that facebook marketing has become a necessity for every online business website. But do you know how to use facebook efficiently for marketing your website? No? Don’t worry here are some useful tips and ideas to get benefited from.

#1; Use bigger and clearer images:

This is one of the most recommendable and important marketing strategies that whenever you make use of facebook for the purpose of marketing and uploading your posts / articles / product images, then they should be sized bigger and look prominent. Believe me the bigger is your post or product image, the higher are your chances to get lots of shares, comments and likes. The e-marketers know well the significance of prominently sized pictures on facebook and that is why they adopt the ways to grasp more and more traffic for a website by using bigger and quality images.

#2; Page should be updated regularly:

There are millions and billions of companies and websites which have created their professional facebook pages and update them regularly. If you think that facebook pages don’t need daily updates, then you are wrong. They do need, because the more you update your website page on facebook, the higher are your chances to get traffic and enjoy better rankings. On the other hand, those who don’t update their facebook pages regularly, fail to enjoy maximum exposure because readers and clients never find such websites / pages to be useful to go at.

#3; Adding a facebook sharing button on the website:

This is quite important for your website to get marketed efficiently on facebook that you make a share button available at all the posts / articles of your website. WordPress can let you enjoy this plug-in. You just need to install it and get adjusted with your facebook page using a special code. The purpose of adding a facebook sharing button on your website’s pages is to maximize the chances of generating more organic traffic towards your website from facebook.

#4; Let the like button help you grow your fan base:

A like option always remains available with each and every facebook posting or comment. If you update your facebook page regularly, then the chances are there that more and more people would like your page and your website fan base would grow tremendously. So make sure you let the like button be there at your facebook page. This is yet a very effective and efficient marketing strategy to generate direct traffic from facebook towards a blog or website.
I am sure you would find all these practically applicable tips to be useful to enjoy lots of success and huge traffic for your blog. Another simple to follow idea is to put small yet interesting quotes on your facebook page, using some famous quotes would definitely work the best. This would also help your expand your website’s fan base and ultimately its ranking would get better in the search engines. So how did you like our post? Please let us know with your comments!

How to use Facebook for Website Marketing? Facebook Marketing Tips

How to use Facebook for Website Marketing? Facebook Marketing Tips How to use Facebook for Website Marketing? Facebook Marketing Tips How to use Facebook for Website Marketing? Facebook Marketing Tips How to use Facebook for Website Marketing? Facebook Marketing Tips

you are reading : How to use Facebook for Website Marketing? Facebook Marketing Tips

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