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TIANSHI group Has Introduced An Educational System Which Had Concluded Successful MLM Experiences And Combined With Its Global Success To Make A Complete, Systematic And Successful Multi Level Marketing( MLM) are Theory. Many Excellent Tianshi Members Are Working Seriously Together With Distributors To Build Up And Take Care Of The Network. It Can Cultivate Successful Diathesis By Helping, Supporting And Training Us. Tianshi Educational System Also Provides A ‘’Success Pattern’’ To All Tianshi Distributors.

1 Set Goals

A Realizing Goal Is The Driving Force Of Your Business. Because You Don’t Have The Pressure Of Making Big Investment In This Industry Just Like What You Do In Traditional Business. Your Goals Is Your Fuel. So You Must Set Realizing Goals First.

2 Name List:

Fixed Assets And Circulating Fund Are The Capitals Of Traditional Business. But

In This Business, Time And Your Social Relationship Become Capital. If You Can Use These Resources Scientifically, Everybody May Succeed. List Your Social Relationship The Resources.

3 Invitation:

As Soon As You Have Your Goal And Name List, You Must Learn How To Invite Your Friends Professionally. There Is Crucial Difference Between Professional Business Invitation And Normal Invitation. How To Make It? You May Get The Detailed Information From Our Training Program.

4 Explain The Business Plan:

When Your Friends Have Been Invited, You Must Expain The Business Plan Like What I Am Doing. You Shouldn’t Worry If You Couldn’t Explain It At The Very Beginning; You May Ask Your Distributor Friends For Help. We Also Have Regular Professional Family Opp And Group Opp To Help You. It Is So Simple That You Will Make It Very Soon. After The Explanation They Will Have Two Decisions To Make-Sign Up Or Not. It Is Also Ok If Some Of Them Won’t Sign Up. You May Then Offer That The Opportunity To Try Some Of Our products To Become The Users. The Second Situation Is Signing Up To Become Tianshi Distributors And The Educational System Asks You To Do The Following Things:

5 Be A 100% User:

In This Busness, You Are An Independent Business Man. As Soon As You Become A Tianshi Distributor, You Become Your Own Boss Of Tianshi; Business, Use The Products And Enjoy Them, Then You Can Share With Other People. You Must Be A 100% User.

6 Study:

This Is A Professional Business. So You Must Learn The Professional Knowledge. The Educational System Will Help You To Study Be Issue Of Books, Tapes And Organizing Training. We Hold OPP (Opportunity Presentation), NDO (New Distributor Opportunity ) And BBS (Big Business Show). If You Are Willing To Learn, Pay Out, The Success Belongs To You.

That Is For This Business. Let’s Review The Advantages Of This Business: Low Investment -$20 Registration Fee For The Global Business Opportunity; High Profit- A few Years Of Serious Work Resulting In A Life Time Financial Freedom; Little Risk- You Will Find No Risk In This Business Because It Needs No Investment At All I Think You Can Judge With Your Common Sense And Make Up Your Mind, I Hope We Can Cooperate Together. Wish You Good Luck!

‘8’ Secrets Of Success In Tianshi Business

Any Person Who Wants To Succeed Can Be Distinguished By Certain PERSONALITY TRAITS Which Could Be Developed Through Reflection And Practice.

1 Vision

Vision Is The Ability To Imagine A Better Future, Setting Goals And Working Steadily Towards Achieving Them. This Is What You Need To Keep going When The Going Seems Impossible, Remembering That A Bend Is Not The End Of The Road But Rather A Continuation Of Another Road. This Will Enable You To See What Others Can Not See And Doing What Others Can Not Do, To Get To A Place Where Only People Of Vision Can Get To (Success).

2 Drive

The Word Is The Same As Ambition, It Is A Hunger And Earnest Desire For Success. This Traits Is Hard To Acquire, Even Though Some Are Born With It, Drive Will Make You Go All Out For Change, It May Come As A Result Of Your Past History, Or Family Financial Background Which You Belief Must Not Be The Same, Eating From Hand To Mouth Or All Forms Of Lack. When A Person Identifies The Need For Change, Drive Then Gives You The Power To Over Come Obstacles, Sloughs Of Rejection, Disappointments, Complexes And Sets The Person On The Road To Success.

3 Persistence

This Is The Ability To Continue Steadily On Your Set Goals. This Makes You Keep Going Even Though It May Be Slow And Steady Or Fast And On Track You keep On Going. This Makes You Teachable, A Follower, Not Minding The Side Attraction That Want To Derail You. You Go Ahead Of Discouragement To Encourage Yourself and There You Are On Your Way To Success.

4 Positive Attitudes

This Is The Ability To Believe In What You Are Doing And Are Sure That It Will Surely Come Out Good. This Makes You Say Success When Others Are Saying Failure, It Pushes You Forwards And Makes You Achieve What You Say You Will Achieve. Success Is A Matter Of Choice; If You Decide To Succeed Then Nothing Can Stop You. You Keep On Saying What You Belief, I Am A Success, I Am A Star ‘8’ Distributor, I Am Getting To Gold Lion Status, I Will Collect The Next Jet Plane Award, Before Long, This Your Heart Beliefs And Saying Will Begin To Materializes. Change You Bad Concept About Success And Move Ahead And Before Long You Will Be A Celebrity.

5 Be Persuasive And Take Action

This Is The Ability Of Being Persuaded By What You Belief And Say And As A Result, Take Action. Move On To Make Contacts, Meet With People, Engage In Discussions And Go All Out To Make You Vision Come True. Not Minding The Criticism, The Castigations, Nick-Naming And All Sorts Of Discouraging Words. You Must Take Action And Move, Do Not Procrastinate As They Say That It Only Leads To Discouragement And Failure., Stand Up, Take Up, Take Up Your Business Kits And Move. This Hi9ghest Principle Of Success Is Action.

6 Compassion

This Is The Ability To Consider Others Or The Ability To Put Yourself In The Place Of Others. This Helps You To Know How They Feel, How Much They Have, What They Have, What They Can Do And How You Can Help Them. It Gains You At The End The Trust Of You Team Members, Loyalty And Success. People Will Want To Trust A Friend, They Want To Relate To Some One Who Has A Feeling For What They Are Gong Through Not Person Who Is Only Interested In Their Money Or Who Wants To Use Them.

7 A Team Player Or Parmer

This Is Ones Ability To Work With People, As The Business Of Lone Rangers Are Over, The World In The 21 Century Is Gong Network And No Man Can Be Able To Remain On His Own Ability To Get All He Needs. You Must Be Able To Flow With People, Build A Team, Participate In The Team Work. Network Business Though Needs Money, But It Is Not All The Matter Of Money, You Need Information; A Work That Hundred Men Did For A Day Will Take A Hundred Days For Just A Person To Do It. Team Business Is Network Business, Therefore You Need To Be Honest To Your Team Members, Open And Contribute To The Growth And The Success Of The Team As They Say That A Team Is As Weak As The Weakest Member’’

8 Sharing With Others

This Is The Ability That Enable Communicating To Others From What You Have, Be It In Cash Or Kinds. Tianshi Say, Lets Share Joy, Success, Friendship, Health And Wealth. You Must Be able To Be A Giver To Get To The Top. Success Is A Reward To Good Givers. The River That Is Always Flowing To Other Rivers Will Never Run Dry, It Will Always Be Supplied By Other Rivers, It Will Be Fresh And There Will Be Constant Flowing Always. Share You Ideas, Build Others, Train Your Team Members, and Help Them, Show Them The Way Up And Soon You Will Be On You Way To Success.

1 Registration: You Must Fill Your Forms Properly In Capital Letters, You ID NO. Must Be Clearly Written And If There Is Any Cancellation On The Form,


Please Get A New One To Avoid You Loosing Your Registration. Write Your Contact Phone Line And Address. The Same Applies To Your Purchases Or Order Form And Sign You Signature.

2 Errors: If There Are Errors That Is Noticed Either From Your Name, Product Purchased, Registration, Bonus Calculation, Point Values Recorded, Misplaced I.D. Card Etc Please Go Through Your Upline Or Sponsor To The Office Where He Fills The Correction Form And The Problem Will Be Rectified In Due Time.

3 Time Management In Tianshi Business succeed at an off a Cadillac and success across the country succumb to succeed at a suggested

You Are To Be Conscious Of Time Jin All Your Activities In This Business. They Say Time Is Money. For Good Follow Up, Group Opp Sharing And So On, You Must Ensure That You Don’t Keep People Waiting. For Group Opp. It Should Not Exceed 60 Minutes, For Family Opp. It Should Not Exceed 45 Minutes, And For Individual One To One Opp, 15 Minutes Is Enough, Try To Follow Up, Make Calls And Try To Explain Clearly The Business Plan Of Tianshi.

4 Multi – Level – Marketing Network (MLM): TIANSHI Company Adopted This Marketing System As The Medium Of Distributing Their Products And They Are Registered As Multi Level Market Company. This Is A Complete Business On Its Own, It Is Different From The Conventional Business Of Buying And Selling (Direct Sales). In Direct Sales Kid Of Business, There Is Always A Go Between Known As The Sole Distributor Who Pays Certain Amount Of Money To The Producer And Now Collect The Goods And Sell To Other Distributors And Consumers As Well/He Alone Controls The Price Of The Goods And He Also Determines When And How The Products Will Be Sold.

So Many Years Ago, Some Business Men Introduced This New Form Of Business That Does Now Need A Middle Man, But Opens Up opportunity To People To Go Straight To The Producer And Buy From Them Directly. Every Body Buys From The Producers Both The Consumer And Other Distributors.

This Business Has A Multiple Source Of Income And It Is The Best Business For This Growing Generation. This Business (MLM); Is Built On The Principle Of Leverage That Is ‘’ What A Man Can Do For 100 Days, 100 Men Can Do It For A Day’’. It Is A Team Business Therefore It Needs You Introducing You Friends, Associates-Colleagues Etc. To It Just As You Call You Customers To Buy You Goods In The Conventional Business.

1 Tianshi Is The Only Multi Level Markets Company That Pays On Cumulative Basis. This Means That You Will Always Maintain Your Position Or Qualification And Percentage Bonuses Even If You Are Not Able To Move To The Next Step For Some Months. You Will Not Loose Position, Bonuses Percentage Or Downlines.

2 You Can Do It On Part, Semi-Part Time Or In Full Time Basis And Still Expect Your Bonuses Every Month

3 You Can Begin With Just Three Or Four People (Serious) And Your Business Can Grow To International Level.


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